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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Haven't been here in a while

...well I guess nothing has changed here... the page does not infact automatically update itself through my telepathic comands... hmm I guess I'll have to do the old fashion way.

Its officially been 5 months that we have now been home and I have been lazy/too busy to post photos. I honestly haven't even gone thru them all myself in any great detail. I'm still fighting regular life, not wanting to commit to the fact I'm 'home' and not picking up and going anywhere for quite a while. I guess that's okay in the long run, I have enough happy memories and warm fuzzies to hold me over for a time.

We have both been working an insane amount of hours and are currently on opposite schedules; he's on nights while I'm locked in my own cage during the day. That too is for the best, xmas is coming and we still haven't fully paid for our European adventure.

I guess what I will try to do is get them posted and not worry much about the order.

So, without further ado lets see what I pull out of my hat...

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