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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Its Christmas Time!!

Dec 5

Well, we hover in the mid 80s during the day and drop to around 68-72 at nite. Its is quite nice. Makes it a little harder to get into the spirit but to help out we have decorated for the holidays!! We have a total of 4 decorated trees, candy canes and some lovely holiday cheer shipped from the states. :) (thanks Missy)
I was finally able to find some scented candles which helps as well, I think we will be watching a Xmas movie when he gets in tonite.
Our bar is feeling festive and a few of the guys even dressed up.
My messy desk(thanks Van & Jerry)...
Oh - this is the camel I bought Mark. We haven't named her yet. Oh, and of course Mr. Santa Potato!

These were taken in the toy store at one of the malls

Its a really cool store actually.
This is in Mercato Mall and is the most festive place I've found so far. They did a really good job with the decorations!
Everyday I go out I'm more and more surprised at the amount of decorations around. All of the grocery stores have a decent sized section and today I actually found LIVE xmas trees! They were very 'Charlie Brown' but hell, I never thought in a million years they would ship in pine trees to the desert. hahaha - awesome.



Anonymous said...

How pretty & festive! Who needs cold weather to get into the spirit?? You're a Texas girl!!!! LOVE the toy store displays, very magical.

Love to you both

Packof2 said...

Do NOT name the camel Mohhammed. You can be arrested like the woman from England was & then deported...seriously!


Jakulin5 said...

HAHAHAHAAHA!!! I wouldn't dream of it, I can't even spell that - its a girl anyways! :)

Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Hello you both!! its Danny Boy here your freind from the UK, have been unable to make contact with you both, sent e mails both myself and Kim