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Sunday, January 13, 2008

long time no see...

Been busy with the Holidays and just haven't wanted to be on the computer lately. A lot of thoughts floating in my head and have been overwhelmed with the idea of capturing it in text.

We went home to Houston for the Holidays and were so happy that we did. We had a fabulous time! I'll post some pictures later.

Mark is back in Saudi working again :( I miss him tons.

We finally got a new car! We started out with an absolutely terrible Chevy Aveo with tons of mechanical problems. Finally got upgraded to a very used Toyota Yaris which was small but okay. Now we finally have "our" car which is a giant boat of a Honda Accord. It's brand new (50kms on the dial) and very nice but it is godawful huge with no kind of turn radius. It actually scares me to drive it around here just because of the parking issues!

Let's see.....

Its been raining here quite a bit. Everyday for the past 3 days I guess. It's actually pretty cool, I'm enjoying it while I can.

I've finally signed up for some art classes. I'm going to a few of them with one of the other wives here. I'm quite excited, our first medium is going to be stained glass! Yay!

Oh, just heard this evening they are basically closing down the city tomorrow; George Bush is coming to town... they are declaring it "holiday for the private and public sector across the emirate" He arrived in the countries capitol today and gave a speech and is driving here to Dubai tomorrow for meetings of some kind here. As I heard it they are closing down all the major roads and bridges across the city from 6am - 5pm. Wow.

Well, I'm off to bed, enjoy your Sunday.



Packof2 said...

Heather will be in Dubai in November. Maybe you two can have lunch or something.

Your classes sound like fun. Can't wait to hear how they go.

Love you,

Mom & Dan said...

hi Jen,
This is a test only a test

to see if I can get caught up to the Blogging century!!!!!

Mom & Dan said...

Hey, I think I might of got it. Anyway, I love the stained glass class! Are you going to do the foiling process? I can't wait to hear all about it. I know you will love it and be so good at it!

We are in the Valley and just having a great time:(

I can get e-mails but can't send them!

I do have my video ball and it looks like I can do skype. We don't have a screening tomorrow so I will try to call over the computer.

I sure miss ya'll! Please tell Mark hi and give him a big kiss for me!