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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Feb 2008

Feb 20

We have almost logged another month! Wow. I tried to get this out before vacation but that obviously didn't happen, oh well, it's here now. This is what we've been up to:

My stained glass project is coming along nicely. I finally got to start soldering and tacked all the pieces together the other day. (Melting metal... is freak'n awesome!)

We've seen a lot of interesting things this month...
Giant Bonsai

A walking shopping bag mascot with no handler!!

Fancy camels are always fun for tourist...

We took another trip on The Big Bus Tour and had a great time.
This a picture of the imports at the creek.

Dhows touring the creeek:

Maybe this country isn't so modest after all:
Fire/Water show at the fountains at Mall of the Emirates

ta-ta for now! We are off to Egypt to celebrate our Anniversary!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear about your trip! Hope you had a fantastic time. LOVE your stained glass picture! I got my NEW car last night!!! VERY excited!!

Love you both

Jakulin5 said...

A new car!!! That's awesome! Cant wait to hear about that on Sunday!!
Love you too.

Anonymous said...

Stop hugging the camels Mark! I didn't think you "rolled that way"!