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Friday, April 07, 2006

sorry its been so long

Wow, its been awhile, sorry. I had to get our train arrangements taken care of and reserve all of our hotels for our actual vacation. It was extremely time consuming and frustrating but I am happy to announce that we are officially 'booked'!!! Yeeeeaaaahhhhh!!! :) I really just need to stay focused thru that. Look how long it still took me, almost a week!! And it ended up being more expensive than we (he) thought it would be. I told him not to let me do it alone... I have expensive taste... :)

Just so you know I have pictures of Rotterdam that still need posted as well as some from Hellevoetsluis and some from a sunset at the beach I took the other night. It is just going to take awhile to get them up; now that I have our reservations taken care of, I'm fix'n to walk out the door to go pick up Jason and Ashley from the Amsterdam Airport!!!!!!!!!!!! They got screwed on their flight! They were suppose to be landing at 8:30am but their plane from Oklahoma to Atlanta had problems so they had to rework their entire itinerary and are now landing at 11:00am. Not too much lost time just a pain in the ass for them. But, they are coming to Europe so that should erase some of the pain for them, hopefully!

Lets see, what else... Mark has been working late every night this week, pulling 11 & 12 hour days, not exactly the 8 -10 we were told but still bearable. He's actually worried about getting off tomorrow... keep your fingers crossed for us!!!

Well, I'm sure there is a ton more but I have to get out the door, it's about 1.5 hour drive and the weather is kind of shitty this morning.

Talk to you soon, don't give up on me!!

Jennifer :)


Mom said...

Glad to hear you have all your reservations taken care of. Sure that is a big relief!

Welcome to Jason & Ashley!!
If you are reading this. Jenn must have found her way to the airport & back!

Jenn waiting for more pictures & posts..Understand you have been busy. But I'm patient & still watching & waiting.

Hope Mark can be off for this week end with you guys. Have a GREAT time.

Love to all of you

mom&dan said...

Hi Jenni,
So glad to hear from you. Might have missed it but how long are Jason & Ashley staying? Can't wait to see what adventures await this weekend. The pictures are so wonderful. I have printed out a few and they are so good. I think you missed your calling! Sounds like you are haveing a good time booking and setting your itinerary. Can't wait to see those pic's. Well better go and try to find something else to you! LOVE YOU TOO MARK!!!!

Allison said...

I just got a chance to check out your pictures! I am so genuinely happy for you guys. What an experience, and you get to have it together! I loved the narratives beneath the pictures. Did you figure out the gas prices yet? It took us a while, too. And I probably took a roll of film of the smart cars! They are hilarious!!!!!!!


pack of 2 said...

Glad to hear you are keeping busy!

Should be fun when your friends arrive.

Keep us posted!


Merle & Vickie said...

I have posted some pictures of my last visit on our new blog. Check it out.

Mom said...

OHHHHH NEW picture of their adventures!! I have found can only get into phots by going to the blog "I give up" then down to where photo site is underlined. It puts you into squash night, but you can then go to the new photos. ALMOST as much fun as being there!

Love to all

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