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Monday, April 03, 2006

We had a GREAT weekend

*~* I still can't post photos within my post so you'll have to check out my picture page for photos. *~*

Mark had to work on Saturday until about 1pm. That totally sucked! We had planned on going over to Brielle because they have a festival/party every April 1st to celebrate their 1st victory over the Spanish in 1572 (I think). The original town is adorable! The town has since expanded to accomodate modern times but the original was a walled city surrounded by a moat! It all still stands. It has a big church, houses store fronts and a few small canals! Great town! We got there late and the celebration was wrapping up and really getting into more of a party so we missed alot of it but it will still be a neat town to visit and shop in later.

We also went to Rotterdam on Sunday. We were told they had a great shopping square so we hopped in the car with our map and took off. It took a little roaming around, in the rather large city, before we found it but it really is a GREAT shopping experience. It is probably 4 city blocks big and has everything from an outdoor flea market to big department stores and inclosed malls!! The weather for the day started out raining and dreary but cleared up rather nicely! That is a pretty cool city and I can't wait to get back their as well. The clock is offically starting to tick so we had better get a move on!

Lets see, We also spent a little time in Hellevoetsluis. I have pictures of all of this but my computer is still acting up and it won't always let me on the internet. :( As it does I'm posting pictures and typing blog posts but I'm getting down to the wire and have to get our actual vacation planned and rooms reserved. Plus Jason and Ashley fly in Thursday!!!!! So I will be pretty busy in the days to come! But bear with me and check back often! I'll get things posted as fast as I can!!

Gotta go make some reservations!

Talk to you soon,


mom&dan said...

Hi Jenni and Mark,
How was the party? Sounds like the shopping was fun!
Everything about the same here. It's all ready getting warm here, high was 89 yesterday. Today the winds are over 25 mph. Only 16-17 days and we will be heading to Texas.
I know I don't get to see ya'll much but I sure do miss you both.
Well better get busy---just have a few more things to pack!
Love you and thanks for the info!

mom&dan said...

I just finished looking at the pictures. They are great. I love the town. The sky looks so blue. They were beautiful. Thank you so much for taking such good one and all the info is great too!
Love ya
Love the one of you and Mark by the Church, well I think it's a church!

pack of 2 said...

sounds like a cool mall place. Now I am off to look at pics.


Mom said...

BEAUTIFUL little town. So scenic & peaceful..LOVE it!
Love the pictures!

Debbie & Dan glad to hear you'll be coming back to great to get together again!



SoozieQ said... that is a helluva name for a town! (Hellevoetsluis) :-)

Off to look at pictures!

Dad said...

The town/village is different than Amsterdam, more quaint. You said the people were friendly and helpful. It seems they would also be laid back and easy going? I miss that.

Dad said...

On my visit tonight I mowed and doctored the front lawn.
The kids are fine. Either someone was over recently or we are developing a routine. They don't seem to be as wild when I show up but still enjoy the attention.
No problems with house.
Love, Dad

mom&dan said...

Hi Vicki,
can't wait to see everyone and to be a part of what's up there. See you all real soon.