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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Regular Life

Well we went back to work this week. My job was nice enough to work me in slowly but I miss the fresh air and the natural light from the past 2 months. Mark got slammed from the minute he walked in the door at his job. I was proud of him though - he didn't let it affect him at home and we had a nice, productive evening.
Its a tough transition to come back. I think it will take abit to work into it. We've brought back alot (psychologically) that we are going to try to apply to our daily lives...
So, as soon as I balance the check book from the trip I will start posting pictures. We probably have close to 5000. :0 I won't flood you with all of them, just the highlights.



pack of 2 said...

Hey Jen~
It's so hard to go back to reality after life being just the two of you for awhile, huh? I HATED going back to work after spending 7 months with my time schedule....nothing but us. We still whine about it. Somebody just needs to win the damn lottery!


pack of 2 said...

Gah...I hated going back to work. It was nice that they let you ease back into work.

I am glad you both had that trip together...I'm sure it was awesome...It looked so fun!


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