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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

We're home!

2 months in Europe, 6 countries, 6 languages (I think), over 10 major cities, in even more hotels, over 42 hours on a train and approx. 20 hours on a plane... And we made it back safely, in on piece! We had no major medical issues, we never got mugged or robbed, we didn't loose anything (that we know of), never got in trouble with the law - and with driving and road structure what they were that is amazing, we never got lost or missed a traveling connection and we came back more in love and closer than the day we left. We are going to call this trip a complete success! Some day I'll add up the miles - I'm sure it will be wild.

We had a GREAT time but we are so happy to be home!!

We arrived yesterday around 4pm. We left Paris in jackets and arrived in Houston wishing we were naked. hahaha - it wasn't that bad but it was hot and thick. Mark's parents picked us up, supplied us with our 1st American Starbucks and drove us across town, fed us some much longed for Chick-fil-a and dropped us off with our kids. (Thank you so much)
The furballs were all smiles and paws!! We woke them up so Devlin was a little slower to realize what was going on - he thought it was a dream. I think he is still having a hard time believing we're real - he hasn't spent much time away from my side all morning. My parents left us a welcome home package full of food basics to get us through the first few days. You know just the basics; some bread, lunchmeat, milk, oj, bacon, eggs, Captain Crunch and ice cream--yummy! Thanks - it was great to come home and not have to leave for food!

We had such a great time we saw sooo much- there is so much to catch up on, pictures and stories but I'm sure you all will appreciate my need to just be home and relax. I'll start trying to get pictures up in a few weeks! It is nice to have the internet back at my disposal though!!

Talk to you soon


pack of 2 said...

DAMMIT...I LOVE Chick-fil-a. We don't have one here...sigh!

I'm glad you made it home & had a great time.


Welcome back!


pack of 2 said...

Ditto everything that Shel said!!!!




SoozieQ said...

Welcome home!

I'm sure the animals were BESIDE themselves to see you guys :-)

Anonymous said...

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