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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Guess what I learned this week?!

Well the past 3 days have been very exciting! 3 fabulous things happened.
1. I found our boxes!!! After controlling my urge to crawl thru the phone and punch someone at the United States Postal Service I begun calling postal office here and finally found our boxes!!!!
*Fun Fact - Dubai does not use, nor do they rarely even have actual street addresses. Everyone operates out of a P.O. Box at their local office. You do not get mail delivered to your door. We mailed our 8 boxes to Mark's work address, they were told they would arrive in 6-10 days. So they should have been here sometime around the 10th at the latest; I finally found them on the 17th
*Fun Fact - Nobody calls you when you have packages sitting at the post office.
2. I found out that Dubai has a "Central Perk"!!! You know the coffee shop from the wildly popular sitcom 'Friends'!! There are actually a handful of them here but what is really important is that there is one across the street from where I'm staying - sweet. Its very cute. From the outside the windows and all look like it does on the show and the inside has sweet comfy chairs, I'll take some pictures eventually.

The 3rd thing I've learned this week I think is really going to put a sweet twist on my life here...

3. I found that I can take pictures of myself at my computer and upload them quickly to show stuff off!!



Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you FINALLY found your boxes. Merle checked on your phone this morning--it arrived in Dubai today (9/19) @ noon your time. (it wasn't exactly on the time frame he was told either!)

The coffee place is cool--but you are moving away from it right?

Keep up the blogs--love it

Love you too

Packof2 said...

Cool. I want to see the pics of the Friends coffee house.

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Coffee and your stuff! You are doing GOOD!
Keep up the pics.

Love you, Shan