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Sunday, September 30, 2007

We have a new home!!

We finally got to move in!! I received the keys Thursday am while Mark attended a meeting. I was able to get most of our stuff moved in before he got off work. This place is AWESOME!!

We never got an official size but I'm going to guess around 1100-1200sqft. It is a 2bdrm/2.5bath with maids quarters. What that actually means is there is a storage closet that has its own bathroom. People do actually employee maids (usually Indian) that live with them in this room that is smaller than most closets back home. So far everyone, including native Indians, say that the situation is heaven compared to what they would be living like back home. Typically they clean, help with the kids, maybe cook and in return they get a paycheck, a health card, meals, a space of their own, in a nice, clean home, and they get a free ride home at least every other year. I guess it must be better in most cases or they wouldn't be falling over each other to find work here.

So, instead of building the apt. with a nice size laundry room I get a storage room with a bathroom attached and my washing machine is in my kitchen. :)

It didn't take us any time to demolish the apt once we got everything inside. Actually we had that company dinner at the desert resort and I didn't have the foresight to pull out our clothes and stuff before we moved so everything got opened up and thrown about.

I'm still working on settling in and getting everything put away - I should be about done by tomorrow and then I'll start cleaning - everything already has a layer of dust on it.

I've got to get to bed - talk to you soon!


Allison said...

Hey guys!! Sorry we didn't get together before you left, but I've been reading the blog. The apt looks really nice. How was the desert resort?? Drop me an email anytime. BTW - I usually check more frequently than my sbcglobal acct.


Packof2 said...

cool place!

you guys have a beautiful view also