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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Pok'er - I don't even know 'er...

April 13

It is no secret that Mark and I enjoy a good card game. Let's be honest, we even enjoy the not-so-good games... it's kind of like pizza that way. Any ways, we were terribly sad to leave our beloved chips back in the States when we relocated last fall. (For anyone who may have just crawled out from under a rock: gambling and all paraphernalia is illegal in our current country of residence) Being the law abiding citizens that we are everything that could be construed as 'gambling' was left behind (sadly, I even sold my famous poker table), the only thing that accompanied us was a deck of non-discript playing cards. Not the nice ones from Vegas, just red back playing cards.
After settling in for a few months we really started to miss the game. The social event was definitely a void in our hearts but even just playing between ourselves was missing something, it wasn't the same. When we came home for the holidays Mark thru caution to the wind and bought a small shiny new set of chips to bring back with us. We were elated at the thought of getting a new game together with some of the guys from work. As we were leaving Houston we packed our new chips with smiles on our faces. We had convinced ourselves that our we would slip thru customs without disruption. After all we were harboring no evil intent, we were just trying to bring some people together with a fun little game...
... We were nabbed by customs on our way out the door. The chips were confiscated and supposedly destroyed. :( ppppttttthththhththhhh.... bunch of party poopers

We talked for weeks about what we could use as a replacement and nothing really fit, made sense or was worth the effort. I'm sure a lot of you are wondering why we had to have traditional chips, the cards are the important part... well, your wrong. Its a package deal (ying & yang, etc.).
At last there was a light! One of Mark's co-workers were going back to the states for a visit. After careful consideration and thought Mark had figured out a 'full proof way' to get the chips thru security and roped this sweet kid into giving it a try. To make a long story shorter.... he didn't follow 'the plan' and only half of the chips made it thru. (that is a good story on it's own)
We were again back to square one, no chips, no game, sad and lonely Mark & Jenni. We had given up for the time being and moved on with our daily lives. This weekend we were shopping in a department store much like Sears or JCPenneys when we stumbled across one of those shelving units in the middle of the store with all the goofy gifts for the man who has everything and is a big kid at heart. Because I happen to be shopping with one we stopped to peruse the merchandise and that is when we found them!!!

Yes, here, in the middle east, we found our forbidden toys for sale!! They were just sitting there for anyone to grab! After we rubbed our eyes a bit and pinched each other to make sure we weren't dreaming Mark grabbed two boxes! To make the find even sweeter they only cost us $27 total!!!! Oh happy day! When the clerk asked if he could hold them for us at the counter while we shopped we were frightened by the National dressed in traditional garb also working the counter who looked at the boxes in astonishment and disbelief. We felt a little dirty as we paid the National for our items and I was a little creeped-out that we were possibly part of some kind of sick 'sting operation' and were about to be hauled off to jail or something terrible (p). Alas - all went well, we skipped out of the store grinning ear to ear and we are now the proud owners of 600 taboo pok'er chips!!
We'll be hosting a game soon, who's in?!?!


1 comment:

pack of 2 said...

haha! That is too funny! I'm in!
I can't believe they were selling them there...holy cow. They probably pulled them from the shelf after your sale!