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Friday, March 31, 2006

Friday 3/31/06

I am so bummed over this computer thing! It won't let me post pictures! In case you haven't noticed I really like to post pictures. I think I have just wore it out... I don't know, Mark said he would look at it when he comes home tonite.

So far he hasn't had to work very late but he keeps warning me its coming. That bums me out! I knew I would have some time alone over here and it's kind of cool but I just really like him around! Oh well, our time will come in a few weeks. Its better now (when he does start working late) because we had the whole 'spring forward' thing last weekend so it's light until around 8 - 8:30pm. This house creaks alot and I think dark would freak me out a bit. You know the front door doesn't have a peep hole!!! How do you know who you're opening the door too??? Trusting Dutch...

I wish I could record sound and post it. I don't know if anyone has been paying attention to the weather sticker on the top of the blog but the wind around here has been horrendous for the past week. It's blowing at 25mph now. And that's not 100% accurate because I'm closer to the coast than Rotterdam. But anyways, the wind blows and hits this house and it sounds like the roof is going to come off sometimes!! It took me about 2 days to get use to it, it wakes me up out of a dead sleep sometimes! Wild!

Well the weather (besides the wind) has finally turned pretty again. It's been rainy and overcast for about 3 days and today the sun is finally out with hardly a cloud in the sky!! The plants are finally starting to bud, can't wait until they are in full bloom, about a week they say. Should be nice!

I have really got to quit fighting this blog and start organizing our weekend and start planning our vacation! I still have to figure out for sure where we are going and reserve seats on the train and find some hotels. I think we have talked ourselves out of Prague. We here its gorgeous and pretty cheap but that was a last minute add and there are other places we really want to spend some time in. Plus right now it's fix'n to flood due to all the rain they are getting and the snow melt. Tomorrow we are going to Brielle to watch there annual April 1st reenactment of them kicking the German or Spanish out of their port. If you are interested in checking it out you can pull up this page:
The English version isn't as informative but I didn't figure any of ya'll spoke Dutch! :)
Can't wait to post more pictures! Have a good day!



Dad said...

Wow 29 mph winds right now! I have been watching the temp but not wind.
In the help section it states you can store up to 300mb of pics. I guess there are even limits in cyber space. Perhaps you will need to delete some old pics?

Love ya

Mom said...

Our time change is this week end. Will be nice to be light later.

Gotta get this picture thing fixed in time for the flowers. Bet those will be beautiful! We all REALLY enjoy the pictures you post too.

Are the winds suppose to settle down as you get into warmer weather?

No peep holes? What if it's a bad guy? Guess they don't have good mothers over there to teach them that important stuff!

Love you

pack of 2 said...

Sorry about all the computer issues....that SUCKS! Did you know that you can post audio blogs? A couple of our friends have done it. Can't wait to read and see more of your adventure.

Love to you both,

p.s. Isn't it strange that you become used to having your dogs around and don't really worry about robbery because seriously, who's stupid enough to try and go thru those two mounds of muscle. I remember after Riley died I felt very vulnerable when I was at home alone at night.

pack of 2 said...

Are you posting pictures through blogspot? You know you can do that right?

You can also post audio blogs...I have never done that though.

let me know if you need help posting through blogspot.


Anonymous said...
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mom&dan said...

I can't wait to see the flowers! Hope you can get the picture thing going with out to much more trouble.
Maddie would really be going crazy--she hates the wind, she tries to get her 112 lb body under the bed but all that will fit is her nose. I'm sure some of the noise is from the type of roof.
Sounds like we have another fun weekend coming! Can't wait to hear all about it.
Well better go for now, we have some people coming to look at the house.
Love you both
mom & dansays hi too!

pack of 2 said...

Y'all got spammed. It's your sweet.;)


Dad said...

Good morning,
I was over tonight, all is well. Jacob and I watched some TV While Devlin just wanted his head scratched. Kuma sure likes her squeaky toy!
I am working on your yard a little at a time. The grass is turning green like you said it would.
I met Bernadete the other evening.
I bought a new sucker tonight.
Enjoy your weekend!

Jakulin5 said...

Dad: I can’t find where it shows how much pic space I have used but I have a hard time believing I’ve hit 300mb!?!? I’ll get with Shelly and see if she can help. Part of our problem is just with our internet browser I think. Mark hasn’t had time to get into it yet.

Mom: I can still put the pics on my photo page so regardless of what happens on the blog the pictures will get listed on the photo page. That is the impression I got (about the wind) I mean, its always at least breezy her, hence the windmills but this past week has been excessive. It has been lighting up – I think right now they are at 12mph. I’m telling you we were hanging in the 30s with gusts in the 40s and higher I bet!! I guess maybe they are just more trusting than us.

Jakulin5 said...

Shangie: I can't keep up and get a full handle on picture blogs so audio are a little out there (nice to know though) but I'll let you know if I get brave enough for that. It is indeed amazing how secure 200lbs of dog and a streetwise cat will make you feel!! That is definately an insecurity for me here. I don't understand about the photos... I thought I have been posting pics thru blogspot (from my computer) within the post... ? I'm confused. Did you see that I've put my own little links about the about me box?!?!!? That's all I've been able to figure out but I was still impressed with myself!! ...stupid spammer... they should be kicked in the shin... You know what I do want to know how to do? Attach our picture to our blog name so it comes up when we post - I can't figure that out!

Mom&Dan: Poor little Maddie! Good luck with the house - we'll keep our fingers crossed!!

Dad: yeah, she's a bit of a show off with those squeaks!! Thanks for handing out the love where needed - I'm so thrilled they like having you around!! Oh good, I'm glad you were able to meet her - She's really nice! thanks for the sucker fish - hopefully that will help out!

Love you all

pack of 2 said...

you might be posting pics through blogspot...I'm not sure...have you?
You can get a flickr account & post pictures there too. Sometimes blogger just acts up for no reason...It might not be anything you are doing wrong.

just try it will probably work.

I'll post that picture of you on your profile. Let me know if you want a different one.


lishypie2 said...

Hi Jen,

Its Shangies friend Frances, glad you got there okay! I can't wait to see some more pictures. It looks so pretty and I love the ducks!

It looks like you are having a great time so far. I am glad to get to see a picture of you.