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Monday, October 01, 2007

Bab Al Shams

So Mark's company took all the employees out for dinner at this awesome resort about 40 minutes outside of town. They say its a really beautiful drive out into the desert but unfortunately it was after sunset so I couldn't see a thing. It seems like it won't be long until civilization stretches out there as well. There were a few billboards advertising different theme cities that are in the plans.
Small Dunes run right up to the resort and parking lot. Unfortunately we didn't get to explore the rest of the grounds (we'll have to go back) but the outdoor restaurant was lovely.
This is the entrance; we were greeted by what I can only assume were arabian stallions.

Throughout the entire dinner there was live music, a guy dancing and twirling a skirt around and on the hill behind all of that were camels (alternated by the stallions galloping) walking across. It gave a real nice ambiance because as you can see they weren't lit up at all so you would be sitting around talking or eating or watching the stage and you would just suddenly realize something was migrating in the distance!!

Some of he food...

Ahh... here is the famous Sheesha. It looks like some kind of contraption to smoke wacky-tobaky but here it is just used to smoke flavored tobacco. I'm not entirely sure of the exact workings of it but people will sit for hours smoking this stuff. Apple tends to be the flavor of choice but it comes in a wide variety. I'll try to find a link about it and put it up on the side bar.

...surely no good could come from this...

Awe Crap!! Sheesha Down!!

Make no mistake, those are hot coals that Mark is attempting to pick up with his bare hands!

After we got the Sheesha mess cleaned up the twirly guy came back...

This was another section of the restaurant that we ventured into at the end of the nite. It was set up as a 'traditional' lounge area like you would have found back in the day, minus the rope lites and TVs (not shown here - sorry).

We didn't realize you could ride the camels until it was time to go. Here are some of his coworkers living it up!

We had a great time and I suspect we will go back on our own in the future - the place is a tad pricey as I hear but a very enjoyable experience!

Ramadan Kareem!! 10 days and counting!
Actually, its not that bad once you adjust - you've got to appreciate other cultures and customs - if everything was as it is back home what would be the point of traveling...

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Anonymous said...

Boy that is really checking out local color! What is Mark trying to pick up hot coals for??? That's TOO MUCH local color for me!

Love you