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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Nov 13

haha! Check out my new Drivers License! No test was required, just some paperwork. They recognize standing licenses from the US, UK and European Union as well as a few other countries. Sweet!

Well let's see... what have we been up to lately??

Nov 2

It rained the other day!! Well, it sprinkled for a bit. It was actually cloudy for two days and then we got some sprinkles, it was cool. The sky and the feel of the air was very reminiscent of home, it was nice.

Since the weather was so nice Mark and I took a stroll on the beach after breakfast.

We saw my famous urban beach camels...

There were some rock'n waves...

Okay, maybe 'rock'n' is a bit strong but the Gulf was definitely more turbulent than normal... its not like you get better in Galveston...

This was one of many surfers 'hangin'10'??

I guess these people didn't want to pay for a beach front hotel, and hell why should they? Look at their sweet digs!!
This is a very small section of the vanishing free beach on this stretch of coast. It never occurred to us to bring a camper but there are no indications that it isn't allowed. They had quite the set up with music playing and everything.

It was a lovely day - here is another one of us in the surf.

Let me just leave you with one last image that continues to scar us everytime we go the beach...

The dreaded MAN-KINI!!(TM)



Packof2 said...

Your license looks weird:)

The beach looks great!

Packof2 said...

Happy Thanksgiving:)
Love you