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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Mercato Mall

Nov 10 (afternoon)

This is where I went grocery shopping tonite. Most full sized grocery stores are attached to malls. It was weird at first but now I actually like it, you can go browse the mall and get your endorphins all pumped up so you're still a little blissed out when you hit the store and it takes awhile to come down and realize you are in the middle of a chore. Anyways, this mall is small but really pretty. Enjoy my pictures but they don't do it justice, you really should check out the actual link.

(these first two pics are from our first trip out here, I forgot to take any this time)


Packof2 said...

That is a great looking mall. I can't believe they have grocery stores in the mall...weird.

Packof2 said...

Nice weather you're having today!

Love you,

Jakulin5 said...

Hi! Sorry I'm bad about responding - most of the time I guess it just doesn't seem necessary. thanks for stopping by though!!
Love you

Actually today the temps are great but the humidity is up and the haze is back. The last few days have been glorious though, I guess I was due.