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Saturday, November 10, 2007

I went to the beach this morning

Nov 10 (a.m.)

I went down to walk on the beach this morning, its good exercise, relaxing and very pretty...

This is all that really moved me today:

I was finishing my walk and as I was rounding the bend saw a gentleman carrying a yellow grocery bag with oh so familiar contents... I zoned in with excitement as I waited for his partner to catch up to him... I knew it was a dog of some kind...

** **
side note:
You don't see many dogs here at all, at least not in the 'city' area, (down in the villa areas (suburbs) where people have yards I understand they are more common) an occasional Yorkie or Shitzu but nothing over lap size...
** **

I was SO excited to see it was a GSD, not surprised, just excited, some how before I ever laid my eyes on the pup I knew it was a GSD. I picked up my pace so I could get with in holler distance in hopes to strike up just enough conversation to get my hands on his furry friend. It worked! I told him how beautiful his dog was, he asked me where I was from, I told him the U.S., Texas, he said he thought he recognized my accent...

** **
side note:
People over here don't seem to be able to distinguish English from American based on accent alone. I'm frequently asked if I'm from London. ???
** **

He is from LA and is out here working as an architect (good business to be in) Any how, we stopped and he allowed me to scratch on her for a while and get my fix! I was so taken by here it didn't even occur to me to snap her picture until I was walking away. I turned around to get one last look at her and she was still sitting there. Her human was walking in one direction and I was walking in another and she just sat there. After I pulled my camera to take her picture he realized she wasn't at his heal and called for her, she looked at me and back to him and started running towards me!!! :)
He called her again and she caught her snap and happily trotted back towards him.

I continued on again to my car and took another look back and saw them settling in watching the waves.

It made for a wonderful morning but has left a melancholy haze around me as well.

I miss them. :(


Packof2 said...

Beautiful photos and beautiful dogs. :)

Sorry you miss your babies.


Packof2 said...

I'm sorry too. I know that must be hard.
Love you,