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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Life in pictures

One evening we were hanging out at the house and heard some explosion noises. To our delight, we looked out the window to see a wonderful display of fireworks!!
One great thing about this city - they like to use fireworks!! There are numerous nights we have found ourselves running to the balcony or down the hall to get a view of the unannounced celebration. This night I believe was the Dutch celebration of the Queen's Birthday.
I don't question the reasons for the displays, I just enjoy them and am happy I don't have to wait a full year to see them!!
On to some bad news... We discovered this past week that by the end of summer 2 of our favorite views will be interrupted by new buildings...

This was our view of the Burj Al Arab (more info) and the Burj Dubai on:

Now look at it!!
Look at the growth in only 4 months! Amazing.
Speaking of the Burj Dubai some guy just got in trouble for sneaking into the building, climbing 150 floors (unnoticed) and performing a Base Jump off the tallest building in the world. Here is the full article that was in one of the local papers. He had a video camera on his head recording the flight but I don't know if it was confiscated or not.

(if you're into info and updates about the Burj Dubai, this guy is very detailed and has lots of nice pictures)
Burjuman is yet another awesome mall in this city. We don't go out there often because the construction in the area typically has traffic tied in knots. Never the less it is a beautiful shopping center.
One of the many atriums
The main food court that houses a handful of restaurants
The center of the mall is always decorated or displaying something. This time it was a showing of stunning gowns:
Mom, I found this great dress I thought you could duplicate for me: :)
Some lovely shots of the famous Sheikh Zayed Rd and its monorail in progress:
All of the underpasses/tunnels are tiled in different designs. There are some really nice ones throughout the city but I'm usually driving alone and unable to capture them.
Today I had the husband in town and driving!
Le Meridien Mina Seyahi is a one of the many hotels in the city. We stopped by there to grab dinner and have a beer the other night. Very nice! It is also home to (supposedly) one of the top bar locations in the world; Barasti. It was quite nice but I personally wouldn't classify it as the best in the world...
My 2nd stained glass project is finally complete! YAY

We also journey out to Dubai Outlet Mall. It is about 20 miles (I think) in land. Its amazing how quickly I forget that I'm in a desert. Living in the city with all the buildings, water features, trees and flowers... It doesn't take very far before you are surrounded with sand and sage-brush type trees.
The mall was large and seemed to have some decent prices on clothing but is really just too far out (and the roads/traffic is ikky) to make it appealing. Plus it is out in the middle of no where. I'm sure it is only a mater of a few years before the city grows that far out but for now, I'll pass.
Shot of the Dubai Marina/JBR from my local mall, Ibn Battuta

These are not disapearing anytime soon, I don't think...


There was a fire on top of one of the buildings being built. They say no one was hurt, that's good.__________________________________
We are not sure what the hoopla was about but it made for a nice photo:
This eyesore has been chained to this light pole for at least 2 month if not more. I can't even imagine how or what happened to this poor bike but why the Hotel that the bike is parked in front of hasn't removed it is a mystery. Upon closer inspection the key is actually in the lock so, in theory, no cutting would even be required to remove the eyesore, yet still the bike sits... Maybe the maintenance people for that building aren't actually authorized to do any work there either...

Well, have a good day!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, GREAT post! I could probably make a dress LIKE that, but you can bet the neckline wouldn't be that low!!!!

Love you

Packof2 said...

haha, mom going to make you a turtle neck dress:)

LOved all the pics. You still have a great view from your place though.

maybe that bike is supposed to be art?
Love ya