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Saturday, May 10, 2008


Man, it's been awhile (again). I'm going to have to start doing a daily post. When I let too much time pass I spend ALL day catching up...
I'll start here with some random photos of the past few weeks and try to fill in with some commentary:

This will probably be one of the last blue sky and white clouds for a while. Summer is here and that means 3 months of haze and heat. :p yuck! (Today got up to 102F!)

There was a community 'flea market' going on at the Safa Park today. The event was nicely tucked under a grouping of date palms.Sheikh Zayed Road
Here is my second stained glass project. It's going to be a lamp. It should be done by the end of this week!

Construction of new building in the Marina where we live.

Here's a shot from our balcony of the Atlantis Hotel/Resort that sits at the head of The Palm.
You can see the leafs of The Palm with the villas and apts.
By the time fall rolls around two of our awesome views will be lost behind rising skyscrapers.
The Burj Al Arab is the white crescent between the two building on the left. The Burj Dubai can usually be seen in the distance behind the cranes near the center of the photo. As pretty as the day was the haze still lingered.
This nite we had a lovely sunset. Again, due to the haze this time of year this is as good as the sunset gets until the fall. I will not actually see the sun hit the horizon until October/November.

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I love the last picture.