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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Shamal Winds

May 5

Weather here is weird to say the least. I woke up on Cinco di Mayo ready to embrace the holiday! As I was enjoying my breakfast I noticed the sky conditions changing rapidly. As I was not sure what to expect I grabbed my camera.
All of the images below were taken in a 15 minute window.

Here are some more detailed shots:

10:06a - the sky was really looking suspicious.
10:07a - I started noticing debris flying in the air.

10:07a - I look to the west and hell appears to be blowing thru
10:07a - as usual I got a little freaked out and ran inside.

10:08a - the wind is really blowing from the Gulf and stirring everything up!

10:09a - It now looks like The Mist is rolling in...
10:10a - again, as usual, I'm the only one a bit weirded out by the events.
I didn't circle them but there are still numerous men working this building...

10:12a - seems to be clearing out
10:20a - It's all gone into the desert
It blew most of the crap in the air out and the weather was beautiful the rest of the day.

And I thought Houston's weather was tempermental! Wonder what I will encounter next...



pack of 2 said...

That is some wild weather. Do the guys stayu out there working in it?

Jakulin5 said...

Oh yeah, the guys working on the buildings across the way were still working!