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Friday, March 31, 2006

Computer difficulties

sorry I haven't posted anything much lately. I am having some computer difficulties which are hendering my ability to post efficiently. I will work on the problem and get back to you soon. Thanks for haning in there!!



Dad said...

You hang in there too. Patience and persistance are the best tools I have found to fix computer problems.

mom&dan said...

I thought you were just getting tired of telling eveyone what your doing all the time, but I missed ya!

Jakulin5 said...

I'm not tired at all - I haven't done much this week but I don't mind sharing if the stupid computer would cooperate. :(


Chuck said...

not sure if you guys check them all or what. But i fixed your Video cameras so you should beable to see the pups now. send me a email at I sent you guys the info in your sbc accounts but you had said you were having problems with them so if you can sent me the yahoo account you are using and i will resend the settings you need to input to get Q-see working.