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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Hi all

Hello everyone. I just wanted to let everyone know how my work is going. The plant is very nice and unbelievably clean. The Dutch definitely get high marks for their friendliness. I don't think I've met one person yet that hasn't been happy and helpful. The plant is starting the maintenance portion of the T/A on Monday so that's when the real work begins. It's not nearly as big as the ones I'm used to but there's also less people and MUCH less hours so we'll see how it goes. I'm really glad that everyone is participating in this blog, I was a little skeptical at first. Anyway, we've got to go. We're heading to Amsterdam this morning since it's right down the road and all....



Mom said...

So glad to hear everything is going so well for you at work. Can't wait to see & read about your trip to's right down the road for you, but with this blog thing it is almost like it's right down the road for us too! Thanks so much for sharing your have ALMOST turned even me hi-tech!

Love to both of you

Dad said...

It sounds like a magical place with all the friendly and helpfull people.
Kuma likes to show off her squeaky toy when I go over and Devlin just likes to have me around. Jacob diffinetly likes his loven and always comes out to see me.
Have a great day exploring.
Love, Dad

mom&dan said...

Good Morning,
great to hear your work is going good Mark. Can't wait to see your weekend adventure. this is so cool! Thanks for letting us share. I love all the pictures and the commits. Jenni your are the bom!
Love you both
Dan says hi and keep up the fun and adventure!

pack of 2 said...

Hey Mark. I'm so glad that you two started this blog. We get to talk to you more now than when you were in the states.:)Glad that everything is going well and looking forward to more updates!


pack of 2 said...

Hi Mark~
Glad to hear that things are going well for you.

skeptical of the blog??? Bite your tongue young man...LOL!

So happy you are both having a great time.


Stephanie said...

Hi Mark and Jenni,

Debbie shared your blog with me and I am so glad. It is really great seeing all of the pictures and reading about your adventures. Enjoy your time there, it is definitely a chance of a life time. By the way, your kids are gorgeous. I loved the pictures of them. Mark don't work too hard. Take Stephanie

Jakulin5 said...

Dad: Thanks for looking in on them for me! I really appreciate it. Its nice knowing they are being cared for and looked after and I love getting little updates.

Mom&Dan: thanks, I'm glad everyone is enjoying it. its weird how hard it is to keep up. I have so much I'd like to say but there is never enough time! its a weird paradox kind of thing. (***we don't use the word "bom". Thanks for the thought though***) hahaha

Hi Stephanie!! hope you house is going well!


Jakulin5 said...
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