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Friday, March 24, 2006


I walked up to the front desk yesterday and bought a few groceries!! They have a little convient store that is only opened for 3hours in the morning and 3 hours in the evening. I was bored and wanted "something" so I took a journey and came home with this:

All that for 5.50Euro! I got screwed!
The Diet Coke taste the same - it was the 1st one I've had in probably more that a week. The cracker looking things I thought were graham crackers... No, they are wheat. Good, but I was looking for a bit of sweet... oh well! I haven't tried the soup yet, maybe tomorrow.


Mom said...

So, what you are saying--if traveling overseas--take your junk food with you!! To bad you don't even know what you are spending your money on! Guess with more practice you"ll get some of the language. If everything was the same as here--there wouldn't be a point in going over there!

Love you Mom

JEGARG said...

At least nothing has a fish flavor to it. That always sucked in Japan, getting something that you think was going to taste good and it turns out to be some kind of fish flavor. Oh well. After awhile you learn what to stay away from.

Michelle & Donald said...

OH Jenni Wasa crakers are so bad!!! I had to eat them on some diet!! Miss you.

mom&dan said...

We quit using wasa crakers for communion at church because they are so bad---along way from graham!
How about the chocolate?
love ya

Jakulin5 said...

See, I guess I'm a total freak! They definately weren't graham crackers but I didn't think they were that bad! I just ate a few with some peanut butter.

The groceries aren't too bad, context clues work pretty well, restuarants are definately more difficult.

Nothing fishy yet (thankfully). In fact Mark had some fish the other night he said did have hardly any taste at all!?

I haven't had any chocolate yet! We are due to go to Belgium soon though!

pack of 2 said...


So I'm guessing that you can't get a snicker bar over there?


Jakulin5 said...

Au Contraaur Mu frer... Snickers are huge over here, they are everywhere. I love this place. Dutch is hard though. Love everyone....

Mark & Jen