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Friday, March 24, 2006

Mark off to work

These are from Wednesday (22nd). We had a pretty cold evening and when Mark went to leave for work he had frost on his car! I was camera happy this morning...

Our ducks (I haven't named them yet)

Me feeding our ducks. They are at our door every morning and numerous times throughout the afternoon.

Mark and his frosty car

It was a really beautiful morning!


Mom said...

That looks so magical!! Funny coming from me...I NEVER think frost looks good! To long in Houston. The ducks, well I think most everyone knows what I think! But in pictures they are cute.

Love yo Mom

mom&dan said...

Good Morning
It looks cold there but wonderful.
The food just looks to yumy! As long as they have Diet Coke it's all good. Have you found a bigger grocery store. Hey Jen, do you have to use euros are can you use american dollars? I sure hope you figured out the heater. I see the highs are still in the 30's. well nothing much going on here, just blue sky's and in the 80's today. We are still working on the house
but it's looking good. Hey, did you see I even got Dan blogging---he had to leave early this morning and seem a little upset that the net was down and he couldn't check the blog! How cute. I really do think this is adicting! OK I'm warning everyone right now that there is no spell check so sometimes you might have to guess what I am trying to spell:).
Have a fun Day Jen and keep up the good blogging!!!!!
Love You
I love the pictures!!!!

Lori said...

Hi, Love your blog. Mom just told me about it today (3/28/06) Glad you to are having a great time. What a wonderful experience for you. Are those the pants I made you. I want to look at the rest of this. Love. Lori

Jakulin5 said...

Hi Lori!!!

yeah - I'm glad you got your computer working enough to get on!! Yeah, they are and boy do they come in handy! Mornings and nights are chilly!! come back soon! love you, tell the kids we said hi!!


pack of 2 said...

Hi Lori!