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Monday, March 27, 2006

Rotterdam Zoo 3/26/06

Today we went to the zoo!! But first I made breakfast! This is my plate but this is typically what we eat in the mornings! The eggs are from 'free range chickens' (supposedly) and they are yummy!! The toast is something we got from the clubhouse up here - I don't know what kind it is, some kind of multigrain - it too is very good!

Here is Mark relaxing in our living room waiting for me to quit screwing around. (I'm still running around in my pj's)

Us, at the zoo!!

If you want to see more pictures of our adventures you can view them here.

It's a pretty good Zoo! Expensive though, 15.50Euro each! But it was really clean and well laid out - I don't think we actually made it through the whole thing. We were pretty tired from Amsterdam on Saturday (that is my next post). They had Giraffes, Otters, penguins and quite a few Gorillas... it was a GOOD zoo!


patti_cake said...

I heart the zoo! Glad you got to go and it was worthwhile. This is so cool!

Mom said...

Really enjoyed the zoo pictures...looks fantastic! Missed you over the weekend..couldn't wait to get the updates on everything fun you were doing!

Keep up the GREAT work!!

Love you Mom

pack of 2 said...

I love the zoo:)


Dad said...

Where's the bacon?
The zoo looks normal, appears open and natural.
I bet that Okipi made you feel right at home.

Jakulin5 said...

Zoos Rock!! It was a very nice zoo. The okapis were great! The baby was sweet - they actually had probably 6 or 7 total!! There cafetera was really good too. They are working on expanding to add an Artic section and it looks like they will be getting some polar bears!! I'll have to go back!
They have bacon (we hear) but haven't found any to buy - I miss breakfast meat. They don't have breakfast sausage - i think that's weird!