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Saturday, October 20, 2007


Sorry it's been so long. I'm currently having a hard time getting Blogger to cooperate with my photos. I have created a new album in *Photo Links* (top right) showing the low flying clouds from a few weeks ago. I'll try to at least post some albums there since I can't get them on here right now.

Anyways! Where have I been?? Well, Mark was home for a full 7 days and it was fabulous!! Ramadan finally came to an end on October 11th. With the end of that comes a celebration called Eide. I don't pretend to know the hows and whys, what is important is that causes most businesses (excluding retail and food) in Dubai to shut down for a few days (holiday). And in Saudi, I think, they basically shut down for a week. All of that adds up to Mark getting 6 days off and one Dubai work day.
We spent our week just roaming around the city and lounging in front of the TV. Simply splendid.

He left for India bright and early Thursday to go and interview some guys and is actually flying home tonite (Saturday around midnite) to turn around and leave for the airport again around 6am to fly out to Saudi - exhausting! I feel for him...
The good news is I think he is only going to be out there for a couple of days and then will spend a few days here in town working before the weekend. I think he will be in town the 1st week of November as well but I'm getting lost in his schedule.

So, that's about it for now...

Enjoy your weekend

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