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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mark's time home part 4 (I think)

Oct 13th

I give you the Emirates Towers.

I can't find a good all inclusive link for the towers. Here is a quick snippet from :

This pair of towers pierce the sky over Dubai with spires over 1,000 feet tall -- an appropriate way for the United Arab Emirates to welcome in the turn of the millennium. The taller tower's main function is to hold offices. The lesser tower is mostly taken up with a hotel. The strength of the towers is conveyed through the concrete columns on the three corners framing the remainder of the facade which is primarily glass.
->At the time of their completion, the towers were the tallest buildings in the Middle East and Europe.
->The Upper Atrium is 364 feet / 111 meters tall.

One of the towers are home to the Vu's Bar on the 51st floor. It is supposed to have just spectacular views. We haven't been yet - it's on the list.
The two towers are connected by a small upscale shopping area and a few restaurants.

This is at the base of the towers. It was nice to see so much green in one area.

Here are some back side skyline shots as we headed off the main highway to a parallel, less developed road.

Oct 19th

This always make us smile. I found out today (via CBS) they don't actually use live jockeys on the camels anymore, the public as a whole found it cruel. They use little motorized boxes that sit on the camel and they control the actions of the box via remote control. They follow the camels around the perimeter of the track in their cars. I don't know how they avoid wrecking??

Welcome to Dragon Mart It is a GIANT Asian Flea Market really. Neat to see and say you've been there but neither one of us can entertain ourselves for long in flea markets. We did buy an osculating fan for around $20 (a good price out here) but the controls are all in some form of Chinese... works good!

Here is a map of the place.

Inside shot this is basically part of the 'spine'

Wafi City Mall

There is no shortage of nice cars around.

Decorations for Ramadan

Artsy picture of us under one of the stain glassed pyramids.


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