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Sunday, October 21, 2007

While Mark was home (take 2)

Let's try this again - I actually think this might work today. (maybe)

Oct. 10th

Mark's home!!!! (These are our new patio chairs - we love them!)

Oct 11th

We took a trip to Time Square. Its a surprisingly nice shopping center, just not very easy to access right now. They have a big digital mega store equivilant to Fry's... that is very good news.

Mark thought this might be a good purchase...
Thankfully I was able to talk him out of it! I was pretty sure snow would not be a problem this year.

That's all for today - the internet is running painfully slow and I'm tired of sitting in front of the computer.

Until tomorrow, Happy Sunday!


Allison said...

Just thought I'd say hi to my favorite ex-pats! We are enjoying hearing about(and seeing) the escapades. Drop me a line sometime!


Packof2 said...

I didn't even know that they made electric you that Dad would want one of those too!

Glad you were able to hang out with Mark for a few days.