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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Let's try again...

Oct 12
We headed to Festival City. This is about 30min away just over the creek. Its a newly developing area with a surprisingly awesome shopping complex that is still in the opening stages. As soon as I can figure out how to succesfully get out there and home with ease I will be frequenting the facilities. We have been out there twice so far and it is always a bit sketchy and we always need the map for the drive home.

Ikea lives here!!

This place is all about the water features! The escalators to the right have striking neon blue lighting that shows beautifully in the evening.

Overlooking another multilevel water feature that overlooks a mall courtyard, the mall canal, Dubai Creek and you can just see Burj Dubai
on the horizon! Beautiful.

All this walking makes us hungry. We had the patio all to ourselves. We usually do, even back home it seems we are the only ones who ever want to sit outside...

Food was pretty okay, service was fabulous!

View of the canal from our lunch spot.

One of our famous self portraits with the awesome water features in the back. Photo's just don't do it justice.

Me walking along the canal looking to see the view of the Burj Dubai

These little scenes depicting arabian life were set up throughout the mall. Most all of them had robotic characters moving around. They were very well done.

Hahaha! I'm such a goofball!
This was in a department store (Paris Galleries I think). We stumbled across this and were blown away! Against our better judgement we actually picked up the purple shoe only to discover, to our horror, that it cost approx. $1000!!! We quickly yet gently set the shoe back down and strolled out of the store.

1 comment:

Packof2 said...

Looks nice & new there. I love how many American things are there. That probably makes you forget that you are in another country.

Glad you didn't scratch the $1000 shoes...sheesh!
I can't believe people pay that for shoes!!

Love you,